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What PACE Does

Risk management and stop loss solutions cover a lot of ground—from economic application of resources to controlling probability. And it covers both catastrophic and unpredictable losses. At PACE, we’ve developed an unrivaled portfolio of solutions, each designed for specific needs.

Nobody does what we do better. Still, we’re always pushing ourselves to make our solutions more effective, harder working and easier to use for your ideal outcome. In risk management, for instance, we utilize a custom data software suite that manages situational analysis. It’s the cornerstone for our best practice solutions. And in stop loss, we’ve developed targeted solutions for this expanding segment of self-insured employers.

Solutions Designed to Fit Your Needs

PACE may be a relatively young company, but we are made up of seasoned professionals. We have a deep technical understanding of your needs—financial and business cycles—and of your individual forecasting challenges. We know “off-the-shelf” solutions don’t always work. In fact, industry wide, we’re known for our customized, highly effective solutions to target specific problems in specific situations.

We understand your business challenges too. Like you, we look at the complete picture of mitigating financial risk by lowering or eliminating the factors that could leave you vulnerable. And with the resources of a large firm, and agility of a boutique, we can design solutions to fit customers of all sizes or complexity of need.

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