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Who is PACE

When we started PACE Underwriters, we didn’t just want to be another Managing General Underwriter. Our goal was to change the game. First, we wanted to be nimble, working quickly and efficiently, yet providing the in-depth knowledge that our producers demand and have come to expect.  Then we threw out the one-size-fits-all attitude that is pervasive in our industry to provide you, the client, with an experience second to none.

The Beginning. PACE started with a single-minded purpose: to provide smarter risk management solutions to our customers. But we brought something more in the process. We brought value. We brought a better understanding of challenges you face, both in the marketplace and as a business. Today, we’re poised to lead the industry in stop loss solutions.

The Knowledge. Our people have a high level of experience and technical expertise. They know what works in each circumstance, in each application. They don’t rely on “off-the-shelf” solutions to get the job done—every case has its own set of circumstances and demands its own solution.

The Competitive Edge. On the business side, we offer a no nonsense approach to underwriting that allows you to offer the most competitive pricing to your clients.  We understand that this process can be fluid, and we are there, not only to be your stop loss solution, but to adapt and maneuver through any challenges that may arise.

This isn’t the only way to do risk management. It’s just a better way.

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